Frequently Asked Questions


How does the process work?

First, complete as many appraisals on as many items as you wish to return on our Web site. To get your items to us, please carefully package your items so that they are protected. And we always pay for the shipping, which is covered at the end of your Web transaction. Once we receive your items, we evaluate them to make sure that everything matches the appraisals. Assuming they do, we will email you with a confirmation, and you will receive your payment within two to four weeks of receipt of the product.

Who pays for shipping?

We do. When you complete your order on this Web site, the final page will show you a summary of the items on your order, and also give you the ability to print a pre-paid shipping label.

What if there is a discrepancy between my appraisal and the actual items received?

We want to give you a fair price and have you be a satisfied customer who will do return business with us and refer other customers to us.  So we have no incentive to give you less than the amount on your initial appraisal. However, on occasion we receive items that are different than the original appraisal in either condition, model name/number or the associated accessories. In this situation we will send you an email with our revised appraisal, based on what we received. At that point you can choose to accept our revised offer and receive prompt payment on it, or we will return your items to you free of charge. For complete information on this policy, please refer to the terms and conditions section. The only exception to this are violations of your password policy, which can be viewed here: Password Policy

What do you do with my electronic items?

Most items will be reconditioned or refurbished so that they are in excellent condition and can be given a second life. For those items that are beyond repair we recycle those items per our green policy, which means 100% recycle and 0% landfill. Please visit our "Green Policy" section at the bottom of any page for more details.

Do you accept broken or cosmetically flawed electronics?

As long as your electronic item appears on our "Model Name" list, we will accept it, irrespective of its condition or function. Please be sure to accurately reflect the status of a damaged item in the "Condition" drop-down menu when completing the appraisal.


CExchange recognizes three different groups of conditions. They are:

  • Working - Has scratches, scuffs and/or dents
    • Item shows signs of use.
    • Item is completely functional, including:
      1. All keys work.
      2. Device powers on.
      3. Liquid damage indicator is not discolored.
      4. A PIN code is not required to access or operate the device.
      5. The housing of the device does not have any missing or broken parts, including the battery cover.

  • Not Working - Broken housing or display and/or missing components
    • In order to qualify for damaged or not working condition, any of the following will be true:
      1. Device does not power on.
      2. Not all keys work.
      3. Display is broken or has cracks.
      4. Liquid damage indicator is discolored.
      5. A PIN code is required to access or operate the device.
      6. The device has missing or broken parts. See photo for example.

Can I see some condition examples?

Sure, just click here to see a few examples: Show all Photos

How do I find the model number?

Most model numbers can be located on the back or the bottom of the device or underneath the battery. Here are some quick tutorials for finding model numbers for cell phones.

How do I know if my phone has water damage?

Inside your battery compartment is a small plastic dot that is either solid white, or white and red-checkered. If it turns solid red, then your phone has been exposed to moisture and should be reported with a condition of "BROKEN". Click here for photos of this phenomenon.

Do I need to terminate service for my phone?

If your cell phone is a CDMA phone that does NOT use a SIM card, then yes, you need to pay down your account balance to $0 and have the carrier release the phone.

How do I erase all of my personal data from my phone?

Most cell phones have an option in their settings that allows the user to reset everything to factory defaults.  Refer to your owner's manual.  If you don't have a copy of the manual, you can typically get one from the manufacturer's Web site.

Why do you want my email address?

For the purpose of being able to communicate with you about your items and our payment for them: We do not spam our customers, nor do we sell our customer's information to third parties.

Can I sell you my accessories, such as chargers, AC adapters, etc?

Yes.  When you complete your appraisal, you will see a list of the accessories that we buy for each type of product.